Dr. Cheryl Cooper, CISSP, Lisa Oyler, Cisco CCNA, CCNA Security Expert, & Tammy Buckner, Co-Founder We Code KC

Dr. Marge Sendze, Ph.D, Dr. Cass Butler, Krina Snider, T-Mobile Security Awareness Manager, Jonathan Hale, T-Mobile, Michael Meis, Security Leader H&R Block, and April Boyd-Noronha, Global D&I Advisor at XR Safety Initiative, Monica Rowe, CISO, Jennie Hanna, FishTech

for a cyber security and technology symposium to learn, network and discuss current job opportunities.

Learn about 5G Technology from the experts, Joe Schield, NOKIA

We all know the numbers. We are all aware of the gender gap. Women and minorities are largely non-existent from cybersecurity and STEM jobs.   Cybersecurity is paramount to our nation’s economic sustainability and security.  A lack of representation from diverse populations presents a loss of talent and creativity in the workforce.  Please join us for this workshop to mentor and educate the community about jobs in Cyber-Tech.

If you would like to be a mentor at this event, please register and email your bio,  info@winsmentors.org

Women represent 21% of the cybersecurity workforce.

African Americans make of 9% of the STEM workforce.

Hispanics make of 7% of the STEM workforce.

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