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Personal Computer/Smart Phone Data Protection and Security – Do I need anti-virus software on my Smartphone, do I need a firewall on my computer. With the ever increasing number of computer crimes it is essential that everyone, from the student, to the home computer user, to business executives understand the need for security and the consequences if they don’t have security embedded into personal digital devices and electronics.

Identity Theft/Identity Fraud – When I get my monthly credit statements I throw them in the trash and never look at the transactions. When I carry my credit/ATM cards with me I ensure I keep my PIN number with me. When I get mail saying I’ve been preapproved for a credit card, and don’t want to accept or activate that card, I just throw the card and the letter in the trash. Don’t be a victim!

System Threats and Risks, Protecting Systems – Malware, what’s that? The number of malicious software attacks is rising rapidly. According to Symantec there has been an increase of 60 percent in the average number of daily attacks from 2009 to 2010 and a 10.5 percent increase in the past six months. Security is key to the war on malware attacks on enterprises and computers.